Permits & Procedures

Permitting procedures have changed in 2022. Permits are handled through Columbus Rec & Parks Department. To obtain a Special Events permit, start here:


A filming guide has also been established and can be found here:, under the Film Permit section.


Please contact Film Columbus for contact information pertaining to filming in cities and counties surrounding Columbus and Franklin County. In some areas, you pay out-of-pocket expenses for street closures and police, but no permit is needed.



Columbus Recreation and Parks Permit Section

1111 E Broad Street

Columbus, OH


(614) 645-3300


  1. Permitting for park usage must be submitted directly to the Parks Department office.
  2. Parks and Recreation City Codes may be viewed online (review sections 919.05 - Restrictions & 919.06 - Permits)
  3. Park Permits are $25.00


Metro Parks

Larry Peck Deputy Director

(614) 895-6236

Ohio State Parks

A permit processing fee of $35.00 will be charged for all permits.  Additional charges may be required to reimburse the park for additional costs of park security, utilities, etc.

Individual park managers need to be contacted before shooting in an Ohio State Park. Find park contact info.


For Ohio State Parks general information, please call or email:

Phil Hoffman

Ohio State Parks

(614) 265-6911


Child Entertainment Labor Laws Ohio

  1. Ohio does not actively regulate Child Entertainment Law.
  2. Work Permits: There are no work permits necessary.
  3. Work Hours: Minors employed as actors or performers in motion pictures or theatrical productions, or in radio or television productions are exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) coverage. Therefore, FLSA rules regarding total allowable number of works hours in one day and allowable times of day to work do not apply.
  4. U.S. Department of Labor – Compliance Assistance Home Page Educational requirements: No Ohio statutory or regulatory provision dealing directly with this subject was found. If this is a SAG Signatory Production, then the SAG contract provisions will apply.