About Film Columbus

Film Columbus was formed to promote the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio as a filmmaking destination. Columbus is one of the great cultural centers in the country.  Columbus is home to the #1 Library, #1 Zoo and #1 Science Center in the nation, world class organizations like the Wexner Center for the Arts, three beautifully restored historic theaters, a vibrant downtown with riverfront parklands, a thriving individual creative community and much more. The art AND business of film is a part of our city.


PURPOSE (OUR WHY): To enrich our community through the art AND business of film.


MISSION (OUR HOW): By convening and empowering individuals, organizations and businesses in the spirit of collaboration.


VISION (OUR WHAT): So that Columbus is recognized as a top city for film production, education and exhibition and film is recognized as an art form that has a measurable impact on the economy, individuals and community.



Ohio is a leader in the United States with tax credits for productions paying out quarterly. The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit offers up to a 35% refundable tax credit.


Columbus is the largest city in Ohio. It is located in central Ohio on the Scioto and Olentangy rivers. As the 15th largest city in the United States, Columbus is located within 550 miles of half of the U.S. population and downtown is just 10 minutes from Port Columbus International Airport.


Columbus can double as a vast array of locations, and with the low cost of living, the city is a great option for productions of all sizes.


Film Columbus is here to help film and commercial productions by providing the wide range of necessary resources a production requires. 



John Daugherty – Executive Director

For all things production related, including location information, email us at:

[email protected]


Advisory Board:

Lachandra Baker

Phil Garrett

Bret Icenhower

Jennifer Lange

Kingsley Nyarko

Julianna Politsky

Brett Reiter

Rafael Rosado

Jon Sherman – President

Kyoung Swearingen

Gabriel Toliver

Otis Winston