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Armada Studios - John Sweeney

Email Website 310-383-4151

July 26, 2016

Armada Studios specializes in a wide range of Production Services that includes original content, and all your production needs.

Showdown Visual - Kenny Mosher

Email Website 937-985-2429

May 23, 2016

Showdown Visual is a digital film group that focuses on commercial filmmaking.

Kenny Mosher also works as a DoP and Colorist on various sets and projects in the Midwest.

The Camera Department - Mal or Ben

Email Website 513-723-1742

December 1, 2015

Arri 35mm, 16mm cameras. Digital- Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Red One MX, Sony F35, F3, EX3, EX1, Sony and Panasonic HD, Canon 5D and 7D cameras. Phantom Flex and HD Gold High Speed. Cooke S4, Zeiss, Angenieux Optimos, Innovision, and Canon lenses. Digital recorders, decks, monitors. Support- OConnor, Sachtler, Cartoni. P+S Technik Pro 35, Mini 35, and Skater Mini as well as many other specialty items from Schneider, Tiffen, Chrosziel, Anton Bauer,and many more.

Greg Sabo - Greg Sabo

Website 614-837-4277

December 1, 2015

Highly motivated and creative Cinematography with current feature film work and years of Commercial DP work. Experienced working with production crews from major markets and European countries. Member of International Cinematographers Guild, Los Angles Office. Broad range of skills, including Film, High Definition, and Digital acquisition.

Shadowcatcher Camera Ltd -


December 1, 2015

Ohio HD Video - Scott Handel

Email Website 614-656-1162

December 1, 2015

Rental Gear: Arri Alexa, Epic, RED ONE, Scarlet, large sensor Cameras from Sony, Panasonic & Canon. Broadcast ENG Cameras, P2 Varicam, Sony F800 XDCAM, EX3, EX1r. Zeiss, Angenieux, Canon, Nikor, Fujinon Lenses. Monitors from Panasonic, SmallHD, TVLogic. Matte Box, Follow Focus, Filters, & other specialty camera support. Sachtler & OConnor Tripod Support, Dollies, Sliders and Jibs. HD Video Switchers, Record Decks, Media Recorders. HMI, LED, Kino, Tungsten Lighting. Audio Packages w/ Lectrosonic Wireless. Teleprompters.

Scott Winters - Ohio Video - Scott

Email Website 614-571-9133

December 1, 2015

Film, Tape, High Def, and SD – Motion Photography for top producers, networks and clients worldwide. CBS 60 minutes, NBC Dateline, HBO, National Geographic, A&E, NHK, et al. Countless corporate pieces, Multimedia and spots. My References are unmatched in Ohio. Only the newest cameras, formats and gear to get the shot. HD, DVC Pro, SxS, P2, Complete Camera Packages HMI’s, Flo’s, and Tungsten lighting. All the gadgets, Jib Arm, Teleprompter.

Shaffer Productions - Drew Shaffer

Email Website 614-312-9920

February 24, 2016

A young film group from columbus filming-business promotion videos, weddings, music videos, high light tapes